Depth of Knowledge (DOK)


level IIi

This page updated:  11/6/2019


Prewrite:  Audience

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The Goal:  You will use your DOK and matching writing purpose to answer an essential question (EQ)  Chose a purpose that matches your DOK about the topic.

Topic:  Possible Future Career

Purpose, pick one:

Inform/Describe EQ:  What career interests you?  Describe the career and what it would take to work in that career? 

How To/Events EQ: What steps are necessary to have a career in ___?  How would someone accomplish them?

Persuade EQ: Why would a career in ____ be the best choice for me, given my personal strengths?

Teach EQ:  Though many people don't know what a ____ is, it a career path I want to introduce you to because ____.

Uncover a New Way EQ: I have a vision for the way _____ can be improved.  So, I plan to study/work at _____ so I can _____.  Here's my plan...



  1. Remember, your audience is a real group of people YOU identify.  

  2. Go to the Audience Analysis Inventory tool you were introduced earlier.  This is now a NEW part of your Prewriting Stage of the Writing Process.

  3. Generate your audience analysis.  Save it as a PDF.   See the How Do I... collection to learn how to create a PDF. 

  4. Upload your file below.

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