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This page updated:  09/22/2019

The Roaring 20's:  US as a Melting Pot

Essential Question:  What does it mean to be American in the 1920's?

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The Goal:

In this lesson you will explore the changes in the popular defintion of what it meant to be American in the 1920's, and two court cases that epitomized (look it up) the division between rural and urban Americans.


  1. Prepare to create Study Notes/Word List for the videos below.  You will be creating the Printable for this lesson, so click on the Printable icon at the left for the template.
  2. Be sure to ADDRESS ALL THE 5W's & H in your notes. I am looking for thorough explanations.  

  3. As before, you will need to supply definitions for vocabulary.   As we continue throughout our units, you will define vocabulary words.  There is a place for you to add them to your notes.  Be sure you have definitions that make sense to YOU.  Run them by others to see if they make sense.  I will be asking for them in class.

  4. Feel free to work with a partner (or a team) to answer the CQs and create definitions.  

  5. Use the article, your definitions, and complete Mrs. G's color highlights in the articles to create the study notes/printables/word list.  Here's the original article.

  6. Submit a shareable link to your CQ study notes.   Use the "text reply" icon in the next assignment called Submit 1920's:  What does it mean to be American?

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