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Persuasive Writing & Reasons - Best is Last! 

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Persuasive, Reasons - "Best Is Last"

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Let's apply our understanding of claims and evidence and see how a reasons format can help us write a persuasive piece.  There is a little "trick" to writing a persuasive reasons piece:  I call it "Best is Last!"  

In our reasons paragraph assignment, you were asked to "give three reasons why" the person you chose was amazing!  You were then asked to explain why you felt homeschooling was a good choice for you.  I didn't formally mention it at the time, but both these pieces were persuasive.


Now we are ready to really take advantage of the persuasive nature of a reasons paragraph by applying a simple trick that works every time:  Putting your reasons in a particular order.


Best is Last:


When we write about reasons, we typically have three to solidly convince the reader of our claim.   But the order we put those reasons in our writing can significantly impact the reader.  Most writers feel they have a "good reason", a "better reason", and the "best reason."  To make the best case for your reasons, the writing order should be:


Opening Hook

Topic Sentence (Statement of Claim)

Better Reason (stronger evidence)

Good Reason (least strong evidence)

Best Reason (strongest evidence)

Conclusion Sentence

Closing Hook

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1.  Make a copy of the printable.  Use this while you watch the video.


2.  When you have a good understanding of what "Best is Last" means, go on to the DOK lesson.