This page updated:  5/4/2020

Persuasive Writing & Reasons - Best is Last! 

level Ii

DOK, Purpose, & Audience

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The Goal:  


You will write a reasons expanded paragraph on a topic of your choice.  You will use the "Best is Last" strategy to present the reasons for your claim.

Your Topic:  

Choose an issue you have a strong opinion about.  Construct a statement of claim that clearly shows your view on this matter.  Then identify three reasons to support your claim.

Your Purpose: 


You will use your depth of knowledge at the NEED TO KNOW or NICE TO KNOW levels to persuade the reader that your statment of claim is THE best opinion to have.


Your Audience:  


Your audience is made up of people who, at first glance, would disagree with you!  But, because you present your evidence and examples in a "Best is Last" strategy, you win over your critics!

When you understand the DOK, Purpose and Audience, go on to the Brainstorming stage.

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