This page updated:  2/22/2021

Fact & Opinion: Persuasive Writing

Prewrite:  Brainstorm Best is Last


The Goal: 


You will brainstorm using a mind map.  You will then look for evidence to support your reasons, based on your statement of claim.    Then, you will use the mind map and evidence to complete a writing scaffold.  This will help you develop your "Best is Last" argument and organize your writing. 

What is your topic?  Think of a debatable issue that means a great deal to you.  Make sure it fits the criteria for a claim.

Suggestions include: 

  • What do you consider the best pet, and why?

  • Should there be criminal punishment for cyberbullying?

  • Should young people be paid for good grades?

  • Do all students need to go to college?

  • Should the voting age should be lowered to 16?

  • Should a college education be free?

  • Should you still be required to write in cursive?

  • What does the term "fake news" mean?

  • Should fast food be taxed at a higher rate because it is considered unhealthy?

  • Should junk food be taxed at a higher rate because it is considered unhealthy?

  • Does social media hurt or help our society?

  • Are "Reality TV Shows" really real?

  • Should anything be done to curb the rise in offensive language in song lyrics?

  • Should human cloning be allowed?

  • Will robots reduce or increase human employment opportunities?

  • Do violent video games encourage players to become violent in real life?

What will be your statement of claimBe sure your statement of claim fits the requirement.  USE THE CHECKLIST.


 What evidence do you need to prove your claim?  Be sure your evidence is strong!

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1.  Make a copy of the printable.  

Call your copy, " [My name] Brainstorm & Scaffold for Best is Last"

2.  READ the instructions on the new document you just made.  If you need to review the video from the last lesson, please do that.

3.  Be ready to show your completed mind map to your instructor.  BE SURE YOU HAVE STRONG EVIDENCE.  Put any website addresses from sources you use on your mind map.


4.  When you finish the writing scaffold, submit a shareable link below.  Use "text reply" icon.