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Fact & Opinion:  Persuasive Writing

Persuasive Writing:  Best is Last




Let's apply our understanding of claims and evidence and see how a reasons and examples writing can help us write a persuasive piece.  There is a little "trick" to writing a persuasive reasons piece - We call it "Best is Last!"  

A "Best Is Last" persuasive writing puts your reasons in a particular order.  


Best is Last:


When we persuade, there are three reasons (or points, or pieces of evidence) we use to convince the reader of our claim.   But the order we put those reasons in our writing can make a difference. 


Writers usually have a "OK reason", a "BETTER (or stronger) reason", and the "BEST (or strongest) reason."  The BEST reason is the one that will persuade the reader the most.


So, to write a persuasive piece that presents reasons in the best way, the order should be:

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1.  Make a copy of the printable.  Use this while you watch the video.


2.  When you have a good understanding of what "Best is Last" means, go on to brainstorming lesson.