Depth of Knowledge (DOK)


level IIi

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Prewrite:  Brainstorm

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The Goal:  You will use your DOK and matching writing purpose to answer an essential question (EQ)  Chose a purpose that matches your DOK about the topic.
















Topic:  Possible Future Career

Purpose, pick one:

Inform/Describe EQ:  What career interests you?  Describe the career and what it would take to work in that career? 

How To/Events EQ: What steps are necessary to have a career in ___?  How would someone accomplish them?

Persuade EQ: Why would a career in ____ be the best choice for me, given my personal strengths?

Teach EQ:  Though many people don't know what a ____ is, it a career path I want to introduce you to because ____.

Uncover a New Way EQ: I have a vision for the way _____ can be improved.  So, I plan to study/work at _____ so I can _____.  Here's my plan...


1. Discuss possible future careers you are interested in.  Determine your DOK on that career by completing the checklist from the last lesson.   Take your time choosing.  Discuss your thoughts with your parent(s).

2.  When you have a career identified, choose an EQ that fits your choice of writing purpose AND matches your DOK.

3.  Create 4 or more clarifying questions (CQs) to expand your thinking and/or highlight your DOK on the career.  Create a mind map to brainstorm your thoughts.    Or, you can create a bulleted outline as your graphic organizer.

Suggested CQs: 

What qualifications does this career have? 

What type of education/training is required? 

Who do I know that has this career? 

What is a typical day like in this career? 

What kind of personal skills are needed? 

How will this career fulfill my vision for my future?

4.  Use your chosen EQ as the main element of your graphic organizer, with the CQs being elements that help you flesh out details.

5.  Once you have added at least 3 good details to each of the CQs, check to see if they will answer the EQ you chose.

6.  When you are done brainstorming, submit a sharable link to your graphic organizer below.  Use  "text reply." 

7.  We will determine audience in the next lesson.

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