Cause & Effect (Essay #1)


level IIi

This page updated: 4/12/2020


Prewrite:  Brainstorm

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The Goal: 


Your 1st cause/effect essay can be on a topic of your choice.  You will use the Purpose,  & Audience given to you.  Be sure to pick a topic that is important to you.  Remember, you are the expert, so speak with authority.  The printable for this stage has all the directions for the Brainstorming & Writing Scaffold.  

The writing scaffold is for the entire essay.  You are savvy enough now to use just ONE scaffold for your entire writing.  Well done you!


Topic:  Student choice



Your DOK needs to be at the NEED TO KNOW level or the NICE TO KNOW level.   Here is the DOK Checklist.


The purpose of your writing will be to persuade/teach your audience about a cause/effect relationship this is important to you.  


Your audience is a group of teens and adults who are slightly skeptical or lack a clear understanding of the cause/effect relationship you have identified.  So, you may have to briefly address their lack of understanding in your Intro Paragraph, just after your opening hook.  But more on that later.



1.  The printable contains the directions for all PREWRITING stages:  Brainstorming & Writing Scaffold.

2.  You will use a fishbone diagram to brainstorm your topic.  You can use the template I created or create one of your own.


3.  Submit a shareable link or upload your graphic organizer below.  Use the "text reply" to share; the "upload a file" to upload. 

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