Cause & Effect (Essay #2)


level IIi

This page updated: 5/5/2020


Prewrite:  Brainstorm

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The Goal: 


Your second Cause & Effect Essay will be on a topic of your choice.  You will use the Purpose & Audience given to you.  Be sure to pick a topic that is important to you.  Remember, you are the expert, so speak with authority.  Be sure to make a copy of the printables.


Topic:  Student choice

Cause/Effect Relationship:  Choose something different from your last paper

Cause - Effect

Effect - Cause

Problem - Solution

Decision - Influencing Factors (+ and -)



Your DOK needs to be at the NEED TO KNOW level or the NICE TO KNOW level.   Here is the DOK Checklist.


What is your purpose?  Go back and review if you are not sure. 


Who is your audience?  Go back and review if you are not sure. 



1.  You will use a fishbone diagram to brainstorm your topic. Feel free to use my Excel file or create it by hand.  Or, if you are feeling brave, you can choose another graphic organizer that is suited to your specific cause & effect.   


3.  Submit a shareable link or upload your graphic organizer below.  Use the "text reply" to share; the "upload a file" to upload. 

4.  You will choose your writing scaffold in the next lesson.

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