This page updated 3/15/2021


Cause & Effect

Prewrite:  Brainstorm Using a Fishbone


The Goal: 


You will brainstorm using a fishbone diagram.   You will choose a cause and effect that interests you, and an essential question from suggestions found in the checklist.


Then, you will use the completed fishbone to complete a writing scaffold.  This will help you develop a strong cause and effect piece.



1.  Make a copy of the printable and the checklist if you haven't already.  Have the checklist ready to follow along with the video.

Remember, the choice of topics (and EQs) for this writing will be found in the checklist.

2.  Use the information on the checklist to make decisions BEFORE you start the fishbone diagram.

3.  Make a new copy of the simple fishbone diagram.  Call this copy

"_____'s copy of fishbone brainstorm for cause & effect"

4.  Use the fishbone diagram and the Topic/EQ you chose to brainstorm your topic for cause & effect.


5.  When you have completed the fishbone diagram, submit a shareable link below.  Use  the "text reply" button.

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simple fishbone clipart.png