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DOK & Compare/Contrast

This page updated:  11/29/2019

Prewrite:  Brainstorm

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The Goal:  You will use information from your own experience to answer this essential question

How do your family traditions compare and contrast?


1.  Get feedback from friends, family, and parents on what traditions you and your family participate in.  The traditions can be formal, like birthdays and holidays, or they can be informal, like eating a special food, going to a special place, or doing a special activity.  What makes it a tradition is that you and your family do it regularly, and you look forward to it each time it comes around. 


Clarifying Question:  What do you do now that maybe your parents did/didn't do?

Clarifying Question:  What makes the tradition special?

Clarifying Question:  How do you think what you do is alike or different from what others may do for a similar tradition?

2.  As you get feedback, ask yourself the clarifying questions above.  There can be many ways to answer the essential question.   

3.  Create a Venn Diagram.  Each tradition gets its own circle. 

Click here for the Venn Diagram Maker link.

4.  Use the 5W's & H method to complete your Venn Diagram.   The questions listed are just suggestions; consider the 5W's & H as it relates to your traditions.

  • Who is involved?

  • What is involved?

  • What is the tradition? (Describe)

  • When do you do this tradition?

  • Where do you do this tradition? 

  • Why has it become a tradition? 

  • How do you prepare for it?  How do you feel after it's over?

  • How does the tradition compare to what your parents may have done as youngsters? 

5.  Submit a shareable link or upload your PDF Venn Diagram below.  Use the "text reply" to share; the "upload a file" to upload.   

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