The Goal:  


You will write a paragraph with examples that support your answer to this essential question (EQ):

Why is ________ important to know?


1.  Get feedback from parents and friends about life skills, attitudes, or ideas that have made a difference in your life.  Or, think about something you learned that has given you success in some way.  


2.  There can be many ways to answer the essential question.   Pick one skill - it can be an obvious one (like athletics or musicianship, or being an expert gamer/computer user) or one that is not-so-obvious, such as deep knowledge about how to run a business, importance of faith/belief topic, life-skill, trade skill, job, relationship skill, etc.

3.  As you discuss this with family and friends, ask yourself these clarifying questions (CQ)


  • Recently, how has knowing _____ helped me?

  • What conversations have I been in that went well because I knew _____?

  • Why does knowing _____ make me a better person, athlete, musician, friend, etc.?

  • If I hadn't learned _____, would I be where I am now?

  • Who introduced me to _______ and how did they help me learn it?

  • When did I first learn about _____? 

  • How does understanding ____ make a difference?

  • Where does knowing about ____ help me out the most?

  • How will knowing ______ help me in the future?

  • Why is knowing _______ important to me?

  • What powerful examples can I give that will speak to someone my age? 

4.   Create a mind map to brainstorm this EQ.  Put the EQ in the center bubble.

  • See the video below about using different layout features in Mind Mup 2.0 to help you create a map that works for you.

5.  When you are done brainstorming, identify 3 examples that support your answer to the EQ.  These will become the examples in your writing.  Remember to  brainstorm lots of details!

6.  Submit a sharable link to your mind map below.  Use 


  • If you are feeling brave, try publishing your mind map and sending your instructor a web address!

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