This page updated 3/15/2021

Cause & Effect

What is Cause & Effect - Part I




We are going to look at a paragraph type called Cause & Effect.  It is a format many people use because it allows you to show relationships between an action and what caused the action. 

Since you have the writing process down, moving to the more complex format of cause & effect will not be too hard.  There are a few more things to remember than other paragraph types, but it's nothing you can't handle!


1.  Make a copy of the printable.  This video will explain the concept.  It is very important to read the printable after you watch the video.  This is how you will remember new, unfamiliar things about cause & effect. 

2.  When you think you understand the basics of cause & effect, go on to the next lesson.  The printable you have for this lesson will be used for the next lesson as well.