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Cause & Effect

More About Cause & Effect - Part II


The Goal: 


Review your printable from the last lesson to remind yourself that

  • Cause & Effect is a paragraph type that shows how an action or idea can result in another action or idea.

  • There are many ways to show cause & effect:   They are

    • Problem/Solution​

    • Decision/Choices

    • If/Then

    • Events/Conclusions

  • You don't have to know both the cause and effect before you start writing about it,

  • You were introduced to relationships called

    • 1-to-1

    • 1-to-many, and​

  • You can not have a solution without a problem.


1.  Use the printable from the last lesson.   The video will review part one (page 1) and pick up the topic on page 2.  Again, It is very important to read the printable after you watch the video.  This is how you will remember new, unfamiliar things about cause & effect. 

2.  When you think you understand the concepts for Cause & Effect, parts I & II, go on to the next lesson to learn about how to brainstorm cause & effect. 

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