This page updated 3/25/2021


Cause & Effect

Prewrite:  Organize with a Writing Scaffold


The Goal:  


You will brainstorm using a fishbone diagram.  You will then make sure you have enough examples of your causes to fully explain them.    Then, you will use the fishbone and quick research to complete a writing scaffold.  This will help you develop a strong cause and effect essay.

What way are you going to show cause & effect?  Will you show a 1-to-1 relationship or a many-to-1 relationship?   If you aren't sure, please review the videos in the previous lessons.


1.  Make a copy of the printable.


Don't know how to make a copy?  Check out "How do I...? on the right.

  • Call your copy, " [My name] scaffold for cause & effect"

2.  READ the instructions on the new document you just made.  If you need to review the video from the last lesson, please do that.

3.  When you finish the writing scaffold, submit a shareable link below.  Use "text reply" icon.

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