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Compare & Contrast

Organize:  Writing Scaffold 


The Goal:  

Use your Venn diagram and the decisions you made during the first part of Prewriting to complete a writing scaffold.  When you have a completed writing scaffold, you will be ready to create a rough draft in a mini-essay format. 

Do you remember your essential question?

Do you remember your Purpose?

Do you remember your Audience?

Do you remember your thesis statement?

Do you have a complete Venn Diagram based on the CQs from the last lesson?

Review your checklist from the last assignment to help you answer these questions.  Also, be ready to discuss these questions in your 1-on-1.

The Mini Essay Format:  

Review what each section of your mini essay requires.  The writing scaffold for this piece will contain these sections.

W2SOA schedule icone.png
word list.png
how do I.png
Review CC AaO Doc.png
completed writing scaffole.png
parent resources.png
Listen & Review
blank piece of paper.jpg

Your Introductory Paragraph:  

For your opening hook, you will be asked to BRIEFLY describe how you and your best friend met.  This will also serve as background information to the reader.

Feel free to use this as a thesis statement, or create your own.

My relationship with ____ is built on a variety of similarities and differences, which make it deep and long-lasting.  

Your Body Paragraphs:

In two paragraphs, use one of the two versions of the All-at-Once method.  You may choose the similarities & differences version or subject-by-subject version.  Below is the Venn Diagram that shows their differences.

Your Conclusion Paragraph:

You will restate your thesis statement using different words.   

Then, for your closing hook, you will include a call to action


A call to action simply challenges the reader to "do something." 


In this case you are calling the reader to a decision found in the EQ:

...They want to know as much as possible about that person to see if, maybe, your best friend might be someone to get to know.


Feel free to customize the call to action to match the details of your opening hook and your voice, but stay with the concept.

"..._____'s characteristics of ____, ____ and ____ make him/her a great example of what to look for in a new friend.  ____ will bring _____ to any new friendship.  He/She certainly has brought that to ours.  "



1.  Make a copy of this Google document.    Don't know how to make a copy?  Check out "How do I...?" on the right.

  • Call your copy, " [My name] writing scaffold for C & C All-at-Once Mini Essay"

2Review the instructions on your copy of the document.  You will use the blank writing scaffold on the last page of your document for your assignment.   It is a Mini Essay Writing Scaffold.

3. Watch the video below to see how to use the Mini Essay Writing Scaffold.  Use your copy of the document to follow along.   

4.  When you complete your writing scaffold, submit a sharable link below.