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Before You Read:

Bloom's Taxonomy: Remember, Infer, Conclude

Bloom's Taxonomy was a big chunk to digest, wasn't it?  Never fear!  Let's review so we can build our understanding before we learn a new reading strategy.

First, let's re-watch the video that uses Inside Out to show us examples of Bloom's Taxonomy.  Remember, each level takes us further up in the pyramid to more challenging kinds of thinking.

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Let's Break It Down
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The First Three Levels:

Now, let's review the first three levels.  This is where we are going in our assignment after reading Black Beauty.


Dr. Benjamin Bloom said the way we learn is by going through levels of thinking.  The lowest level, the place were everyone starts out when learning something new, is at Remembering (Recall, or Knowledge).    At this first level we can remember, recall, repeat, memorize, list, find, match, or do similar things to show what we know. 

Next we move to Understanding (or Comprehension).  Here we can summarize, identify, infer, conclude or do similar things to show we "get it."   If we think of EQs and CQs at this point, we could say that CQs are "understanding-type" questions.  CQs guide us to clear up anything confusing or confirm for us we do, in fact, "get it."

Once we understand, we can Apply what we know.  We do, use, change, construct, show, complete, produce, AND practice to put into use the information we know.  We might make mistakes about details here, but we know enough to go back to our source to find out what detail we missed.  This level takes some effort and patience to complete and EQs at this level require you to "dig for an answer."   But if you do, you can be sure you know what you are talking about.   Most assignments or tests expect you to be able to apply what you know.  We will look more closely at this level in an upcoming lesson.

Higher Levels:  We will cover these in future lessons.


So who cares about this, Mrs. G?

One of the most important things I can show you is how to break down questions so you can be successful answering them.  Most of the time that means "knowing the tricks" to help you when you get confused.


Knowing Bloom's Taxonomy is just that:  a great "trick" to help you!  By using a Bloom's Taxonomy Verb Chart, like the one below, you can help yourself figure out what kind of answer is needed for any question or any assignment!  The key is identifying word-clues that go with each level.  The verbs give you clues as to what you can say or how you can say it in your answer.  There are many more verbs you could add to this chart!

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Remember, Infer, and Conclude are Level 1 & 2 Bloom's Verbs.