Read2write:  Black beauty

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Reading Strategy:

Ch 13-16:  Bloom's Taxonomy: Remember, Infer, Conclude

The Goal:

You will match word-clues in the EQs/CQs to one of the first two levels in Bloom's Taxonomy.  Then, using Bloom's Taxonomy as your guide, you will conclude what kind of answer to give to the questions presented.  

Reading Strategy: Using Bloom's Taxonomy to help find answers


  1. Make a copy of the printable file.

  2. Discuss the graphic with a parent.

  3. Now, make a copy of this file.  Review & discuss. 

  4. Submit your project.

  5. Mrs. G will give you feedback and comments.

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The Printables

Let's talk about the Printables:

Look at the diagram while I explain.

This is everything we talked about in the two videos before your Black Beauty chapters.  We will break this down into bite-sized pieces in the next lesson.  The "big idea" here is for you to see how the levels and the terms are related.  In the assignment for this strategy, we will be looking at questions from Remember and Understand levels.

In the questions, you will notice I have highlighted word-clues.  These match the Bloom's Taxonomy levels.   We are only practicing questions from the first two levels of Bloom's Taxonomy in this lesson.

Mrs. Greaves will give you feedback on this assignment.