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Before You Read:

Audience Needs

Bloom's Level:  Analyze, Evaluate, Create

Now that we've had a chance to write a longer piece of writing, and we have a fairly solid understanding of Bloom's Taxonomy, let's put our skills to work to help others get a glimpse of Anna Sewell's masterpiece.  We will look at the needs of the audience and how we can meet those needs in a creative way.

First, let's review what goes on at the Analyze level of Blooms.  Then we will talk about what all audiences need.

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Even though an audience can be as unique as a person, there are some common elements of what an audience needs to know that help the writer.  And, thank goodness!  Believe it or not, these elements were summarized over a 2300 years ago in ancient Greece.  As you watch the videos below, use the graphic below to follow along with the new terms: Pathos, Ethos, and Logos.

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