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Read2write:  Black beauty

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Read-to-Write Strategy: 

Ch 37-44:  Persuade an Audience

Bloom's Levels:  Analyze, Evaluate, Create

The Goal:

In our book summary, we started analyzing what we could say to an audience to show them how great Black Beauty is.  We are now going to take that previous knowledge, add it to what we know an audience needs, and "up our game" so to speak.  We are going to move from "merely suggesting to the audience" that Black Beauty is a good book, to convincing the audience this a "must-read" book!


The Product:


You will complete each step of the writing process to create, not a piece of writing, but an advertisement that convinces others to read Anna Sewell's Black Beauty.  The ad can be a video, a slideshow, or a social media ad. During your prewriting you will analyze what will be the most effective items to include in your ad.  During your drafting stage, you will evaluate if you are convincing enough.  Also during the drafting, revising/editing, feedback, and polish/publish stages, you will let your imagination run wild as you create a creative commerical (video, print/slides, or an ad for social media.)




The Audience: 

The audience for this ad will be people your own age or older (either gender) and your purpose will be to give specific and compelling details in your ad to make the audience want to want to read this book.  This assignment will take about 7-12 days to complete.  

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I used a really neat app called  Biteable.  It's easy to use, it's free, and you get a great result.   Watch this video to learn how to create a video in Biteable.

Meeting the Audience's Needs in an Advertisement:

Advertisements are effective when they appeal to the emotional needs of an audience.  According to our friends at ReadWriteThink, a writer can use Pathos, Ethos, and Logos to do this.

Pathos appeals to our emotions.  An advertisement attempts to create a certain emotion in the viewer.  That emotion can be positive, negative, happy, sad, compassionate, disgusted, envious, wistful, etc. 

CQ:  How do you want your audience to feel about Black Beauty the character?  How do you want your audience to feel about Black Beauty the book?  How strongly do you want your audience to feel these things?

Logos is an appeal to our sense of...making sense!  Advertisements will include facts, statistics, and expert's comments as a way to make the viewer feel comfortable they are hearing "the truth."  If we feel we are being spoken to honestly, we will be more willing to trust everything that is said.

CQ:  What can you include in your ad that will give the audience an accurate account of the book?  

Ethos adds to the viewer's feeling of trust by showing them the speaker is an expert or qualified to make convincing statements.  Often ads will use personal testimonials to show viewers someone like themselves who has had a good experience.  By listening to someone "who's been there" the viewer can picture themselves "being there too" and having the same good experience.

CQ:  What personal feelings do you have about Black Beauty that your audience can agree with you about?


1. Make a copy of this file.  

2. There is no right or wrong way to construct this project, but be sure you meet the goals listed in the document

3. Have fun with this!  Be sure to meet our audiences' needs, but entertain them too!

Your parent will give you a score and feedback on each step of the process for this assignment.  Please send Mrs. G a copy of your brainstorm, your scaffolds, and your final draft so she can see your work.