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Read2write:  Black beauty

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Show What You Know

Lessons Learned:  The "Big" Picture

Now that you have read all of Black Beauty and reviewed the skills and strategies presented here, take time to celebrate what you know.

As a celebration, have a family discussion about how you can apply what you learned in this course to other subject areas you are studying.  Do the skills and strategies transfer to learning about science?  Math?  History?  How would you use what you know?

Finally, reflect on the personal lessons Black Beauty has taught you.  What, if anything is different about the way you think of compassion, gentleness, animal welfare, and the historical southern US?   If Anna Sewell were alive today, what new storyline would you ask her to write about?


1.  Make a copy of the printable for this lesson.

2.  Ask a parent to make a copy of the parent resource document.

3.  Complete the self-evaluation.  Ask your parent to give you feedback on your answers.

4. Parents, use your ratings in this assignment to compare to original scores earned througout the course.  Do you see improvement?


Thank you for participating on this read-to-write journey.  We value your feedback.  Below, use the "text reply" to comment on your experience in this course.  Tell us what worked, what didn't work, how you did, and what you'd like to see improved.  Also, if you can, suggest other classic stories that you feel would fit this Read-to-Write model.

Happy reading and writing!

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