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Reading Strategy

Ch 5-8:  Using CQs to clarify what you've read

The Goal:

You will review the characteristics of CQs and use them to help you remember what you read in chapters 5-8.  

Reading Strategy:  Clarifying with CQs

To help us clarify what is confusing and expand our understanding of big ideas, we need to ask a  clarifying question (CQ) that clears up confusion.    Now, don't get lost in all these EQ/CQ names.  Just remember that ANY QUESTION that requires you to dig further for the answer is "essential"; but to "clarify" or confirm an answer takes a special kind of EQ that "guides" you to what you want to know.  

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Let's use the checklist from the last lesson to see how CQs match up with "EQs that Guide."

  • Notice CQs are nearly identical to an "EQ that Guides" except they CAN be answered with a short answer or yes/no.

  • This is because CQs can confirm we DO know something, or they can clear up what we DON'T know.

In addition, CQs are a great way to practice being an independent learner because their answers can be found in typical places.  Follow the simple guideline in yellow when answering a CQ.


  1.        Make a copy of this file

  2. Review the notes and directions.

  3. Then, using chapters 5-8, answer each CQ.  In which step in the guideline above did you find your answer?  

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Your parent will give you a score on this assignment.