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Prewrite:  Brainstorm Details & Categories


The Goal:  You will brainstorm qualities and categories you choose based on a letter below.

Your Purpose:  You will respond to the letter by sharing what you feel are the best qualities of a good teacher.


Your Audience:  The audience is the letter writer and people like her. 

Jenny's Letter
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Trivia:  Did you know that Jenny is our narrator Arthur's niece?

jenny classification letter.png


1.  Print out the printables for this lesson.  

2.  Use a mind map to brainstorm words and phrases that you feel are qualities of a good teacher.   Pause me for a moment and watch the video below.

3.  Once you have your qualities, look at your words and identify 3 categories that you could group your brainstormed words into.     Put those categories on your mind map.  

3.  If you are feeling brave, you might want to add a word cloud to your mind map.  Watch the video below to see how it's done.



















4.  Submit a shareable link or upload your graphic organizer below.  Use the "text reply" to share; the "upload a file" to upload.