level IIi

This page updated:  02/06/2020

Prewrite:  DOK, Purpose & Audience

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The Goal: 


This writing will be a reflection piece.  I will give you part of the EQ and you will finish it.  I will also give you the DOK and the purpose but you will identify the audience.

EQ:  What makes a good...?


Your DOK needs to be at the NEED TO KNOW level or the NICE TO KNOW level.  Pick something you can define and classify because you have a lot of experience with it.  Here is the DOK Checklist.


The purpose of your writing will be to persuade or teach your audience about what makes a "good  _____."   This means you will define what "good" means as well as identify the categories that make ____ "good."  Remember, YOU are the expert here, so speak with authority!

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Given the purpose you choose (persuade or teach), describe your audience according to the questions.  I am looking for detail here, so be sure to spend sufficient time understanding, describing, and thinking about what the audience wants to know.  Here are the AAI questions.  Feel free to put your answers in the text box provided in this lesson rather than use the RWT AAI App.  It will be faster for your.


Below, submit your answers to the following:

1.  My EQ is:

2. My purpose is:

3.  My DOK is:

4.  Here is my AAI: (list questions and answers)