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This page updated:  3/22/2021

Compare & Contrast

Welcome Compare & Contrast

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The Goal: 


We are going to turn our attention to a new paragraph format.  Compare & Contrast writing allows you to see a relationship between two or more things.  Once you have learned about this type of writing, you will use it to construct a new writing piece.


When we read, we compare & contrast without even knowing it.  When we write, we have to think a bit harder, as we must "show" our audience the relationship.


Watch the video below as an introduction to compare & contrast.  Then, when you understand the basic idea, continue on.



  1. Make a copy of this document.  It is a Venn Diagram for Google Docs. 

  2. Please call your copy "_____'s Venn Diagram for compare & contrast"

  3. After watching the video make sure you understand what a Venn Diagram is. 

  4. When you do, go on to the next assignment where you will learn how to fill out our Venn Diagram for Google Docs.