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What is the Writing Process?

Subordinate Conjunctions


We've seen that coordinating conjunctions, the small words that make up FANBOYS, can help us "glue" sentences together.  This is important because it allows us to create sentence variety. 


Why is "variety" important? 


Sentence variety is a powerful way to keep the reader interested.  And it is one of the Six Traits of Writing we will work on all year.

The Goal:

Coordinating conjunctions are the "glue" used when you want to connect two complete thoughts that are equal.  "Co-" means equal - so you can put either complete thought first.  It's your choice.


But what "glue" do you use when one complete thought explains the other complete thought?   


This is where a subordinate conjunction comes in.  "Sub-" means unequal (one is more important than the other.)  So, a subordinate conjunction is used when one complete thought supports the other.



1.  Find the word list and printables from the previous lesson.  Subordinate conjunctions are discussed there.  Use the sheets to help you follow along.


2.  Watch the videos.  The first video will help you understand the second video, so in a way, these are like subordinating conjunctions! 

3.  You may need to watch the videos many times to fully understand.  Not to worry.   We will help you along the way.

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