This page updated:  11/23/2020

Compare & Contrast

Please print off the additional handout at the right.  It will help you as you watch the next video.

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       Decisions to Make:  Your Thesis Statement       Print out and use this checklist

Feel free to use this thesis statement, “My relationship with ____ is built on a variety of similarities and differences, which make it deep and long-lasting.”​

       Decisions to Make:  Structuring your Body Paragraphs

Using the graphic below, determine which version of the All-at-Once method you are likely to use.  You can change your mind later, but go into the Prewriting with some idea. 

L3 Checklist icon.png
L3 Checklist icon.png
AaO versions.png


If you haven't already, print off the checklist to help you make the prewriting decisions.