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Read2write:  Black beauty

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Reading Strategy: 

Ch 21-24: Bloom's Higher Levels - Analyze to Make Predictions

The Goal:

You will practice predicting by using the guidelines found in the video below.  Use Bloom's higher levels skills to make your predictions about what is going to happen in Black Beauty.

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1. Watch the videos.   Then, make a copy of this file.  

2. You will be answering questions by writing paragraphs.  Feel free to use PEG Writing to help you revise and edit your writing.  There is a prompt in PEG for you.

3.  There are no right or wrong answers for this assignment, but you will need to support your prediction.

4.  Even though your parent will give you a score on this assignment, please send Mrs. G a copyof your writing so she can see it.

Your parent will give you a score on this assignment.