Basic/Mini Essay - Compare & Contrast


level IIi

This page updated:  11/30/2019


Compare & Contrast

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The Goal:  


How that we have had an intro to the format of a basic essay, let's apply that format to a typical essay type:  compare and contrast.

When you compare and contrast, you are looking for similarities and differences between two or more things.  As Shaun mentions in the video below, a compare/contrast essay is a format you will be asked to use often.

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Two Types:

The Block Method (All-At-Once):  While Shaun uses the term "block method", we use the term "All-At-Once" to describe the easier way to compare and contrast.  

It is important to understand the similarities and differences between Shaun's Block Method and our "All-At-Once" method.  While the two methods look similar, the big difference is that the "All-At-Once" method works well for an author or reader who has a "Just the Facts" or "Must Know" depth-of-knowledge level.


This means the "all-At-Once" method not only works great for a basic essay, but it works well as a study tool to learn something new for an audience OR an author.  

Shaun and I agree on the Point-By-Point method for compare/contrast.  It is a more interesting and challenging method for comparing and contrasting, and it gives both the reader and author the opportunity to deepen understanding.


1.  After you have watched the videos, discuss with your parent the benefits and challenges of each way to construct a compare & contrast essay.

2.  The printables are a summary of what you learned here, and writing scaffolds for both the All-At-Once and Point-By-Point methods.  Please review these with your parent.

3.  Consider which way you would like to try as you prepare for our next writing.