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What does it mean to "Recommend?"




We will review the term "recommend" to understand how to begin our first persuasive writing:  A Letter of Recommendation.

What does it mean to "recommend?"

Recommending a favorite book, restaurant, or movie is something we do often.  A friend might say to you, "What is a good movie on Netflix?"  Your answer will depend on your personal opinion and an invisible set of categories you have invented that describe what you feel is "good."  This is at the heart of what "recommending" is.

It's easy to understand our personal opinion about a favorite movie or book.  Our opinions are formed from our experience with watching the movie ("It was exciting!  Thrilling!  Over-the-top with special effects!"), but what do we mean by "Invisible categories?"

Categories help us evaluate

As we learned in our classification writing, categories can help us decide if something "fits in" a certain group (for example, the "good teacher" group), or if it meets our personal expectations ( what makes a "good movie" group.)

When we are asked to recommend a restaurant, book, video game, or movie, we are being asked to give reasons why we think it is the best choice.  We create an invisible group of categories that help us make our decision on what is "the best", which we then share with the friend who is asking.   Sometimes our friends might qualify (similar to  their question by saying, "I don't like scary movies, so what do you think is a good movie that is also funny?"

This new criteria helps us know that to "add in" or "leave out" of our suggestions.  

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1.  Make a copy of the printables to follow along as you watch the video.

2.  Then, use the printable notes and what you remember from the video in the assignment which follows this lesson.