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This page updated:  01/01/2020

What is...? A Political View

Read/Listen & Reflect: What factors influence a person's political view?

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"What is...?"

YOU WILL HAVE 7 DAYS to complete the videos and the social media profile.

Where is it on the political quadrants?


What caused this?

x​  (fill out fishbone, part A)

What are the effects?


x (fill our fishbone, part B)


The individual (What do I give, what do I get?)

Society (What/who we are as a group?)

Beliefs & Ethics (what is good/bad?)

Government  (How do we keep order and stability in our nation?)

Economy  (How do we trade/purchase/spend/save?)

National Safety/Order/Protection  (How do we stay safe, maintain safety, and protect ourselves & our borders?)

The Essential Question: 

On Demand PEG Writing: (expanded paragraph)  

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