Process or "How To" Writing


level IIi

This page updated:  5/26/2020


Intro to Process Writing

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Our final writing type is used when communicating with an audience that are new to the idea, which seems simple.  Actually, process or "how to" writing requires a ​"need to know" or "nice to know" DOK level!  Why?  When you are writing out a process, you must have sufficient experience (mistakes and successes) as well as an expert understanding of the process to communicate the process to everyone.  This is why teaching a process can be challenging:  you have to anticipate typical obstacles the audience may have without bogging them down in too much detail.

You've heard me say this many times, "I don't want to confuse you!" when I'm explaining a new writing concept to you.  This is the challenge of any process or "how to" writer.  It takes significant practice to be able to "show", explain, forecast, and counter any obstacles a "newbie" migh have without giving the reader so much text they get lost.  People who successfully do this in YouTube videos spend hours practicing and revising their scripts to achieve just this.  The video below is a great example of this.


1.  Make a copy of the printables for your review.

2.  Watch the video.  BE SURE TO PAUSE when directed.  There will be a place for you to respond to Ms. Hampton's questions in the printable.

3.  Be ready to talk about what you learn in class.

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