level Ii

DOK & Compare/Contrast

This page updated:  1/13/2020

Prewrite:  Depth of Knowledge Review

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The Goal:  You will match your depth of knowledge (DOK) with a topic of your choice to compare and contrast point-by-point.  Your DOK must be at the NEED TO KNOW level.   


1. Make a copy of the DOK checklist.  Use this to help you with this lesson.

2.  Review what depth of knowledge (DOK) is in the following video.

3.  Parents: there is a video for you comparing DOK to Bloom's Taxonomy of Learning.  See Parent Resources to the right.

4.  Get feedback from friends, family, and parents on what topics/subjects you know a lot about.  Put these ideas in your Post-It Parking Lot.   Then, find 3-5 ideas that particularly stand out as interesting.


​5.  As you get feedback, ask for help identifying clarifying questions (CQs) that will help you expand the topic and uncover strong details.  Write these CQs down to help you when you construct your Venn Diagram in the next lesson.  

6.  Choose one of the 3-5 topics for the basis of this paper.

7.  Send Mrs. G a "text reply" with your topic and potential EQ.

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