Depth of Knowledge (DOK)


level IIi

This page updated:  11/6/2019


What is Depth of Knowledge?

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The Goal:

In this lesson you will learn about depth of knowledge and how it helps an author determine purpose and what kind of writing format can be chosen.  The more DOK an author has, the more choices of purpose and writing formats there are.

You will review DOK and the different levels see how they fit with the four basic purposes for writing.  In addition, you will be introduced to two new purposes.  You willsee what kind of purpose and writing format fits with each DOK level.  We use the idea of an iceberg to help you understand.   


  1. Watch the video on the basics of depth of knowledge .  

  2. Use the video, word list, and printables to help you answer the questions in the next assignment.

Author's Purpose and DOK

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