Cause & Effect (Essay #2)


level IIi

This page updated: 5/5/2020


Prewrite:  DOK, Purpose & Audience

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The Goal: 


As with your last paper, you will be given the DOK, Purpose, and Audience so you can focus on choosing a strong cause/effect relationship to present.   BE SURE to review the DOK, Purpose, and Audience below because there are some changes from the last paper.

Topic:  Student Choice


Your DOK needs to be at the NEED TO KNOW level or the NICE TO KNOW level.   Here is the DOK Checklist.  Remember, you don't have to know everything about both parts of the cause/effect.  As you complete your fishbone, you will be able to uncover new information.​​


The purpose of your writing will be to persuade/teach your audience about a cause/effect relationship this is important to you.   


Your audience is a group of people who don't know a lot about the topic, but have emotional arguments to support an opinion that is OPPOSITE of yours.  You must not only identify and correct the emotional agruments, but then present evidence that CLEARLY supports your claim as the STRONGEST.    So, you may have to briefly address their lack of understanding in your Intro Paragraph, just after your opening hook. 

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