level IIi

This page updated:  11/30/2019

Basic/Mini Essay - Compare & Contrast


Draft:  MI Write/PEG Writing

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The Goal:  


You will use MI Write/PEGWriting to turn your writing scaffold into a rough draft.   You will also apply the Paragraph/Sentence Parts Checklist to your rough draft.  Finally, you will complete the revise & edit stages of the writing process.

Topic:  Teenage Social Pressures 

Purpose, pick one:

Inform/Describe EQ:  Compare and contrast an event in your life with an event in an older sibling or parent's life where there was social pressure that had to be overcome. 

How To/Events EQ: How does the Internet affect social pressure on teens today as compared to teens from 30 years ago?

Persuade EQ: Social pressures on teens in the 21st Century are more/less difficult than for teens in the 20th Century due to ___, ___ and ___. (Blanks are categories you will choose to compare/contrast.)

Teach EQ:  What is social pressure and how does overcoming it compare/contrast between you and your parent's generation?

Uncover a New Way EQ: NA


1. BE SURE your writing scaffold is complete.  Remember, the more time you spend on the writing scaffold the easier creating a rough draft will be, and the faster you will generate a final paragraph.

2.  Log into MI Write/PEG Writing

3.  Choose your class.

4.  Go to "practice" to find your writing prompt.

5.  Choose "begin writing."  Your mind map and writing scaffold are the Prewritng for this assignment. The AAI is also part of Prewriting.  Do you remember your audience?


6.  Your AAI for this essay is the following:

What do you know about the audience's age, gender, education, work, and so forth?

Your audience is slightly younger than you.

What does the audience already know about the issue or idea?

They may or may not have had to deal with strong social pressure yet. They may have only a small understanding of how hard it can be.

What is the audience's current point of view on the issue or idea?

I want to belong, but I also want to stay true to myself.

What background does the audience need on the issue or idea?

Trying to fit in with a group.

What will the audience want to know about the issue or idea? Why?

How was it for my folks? How is it for people my age? What makes social pressure so hard?

What information will interest the audience?

Personal examples and experiences from my life and from my parent's life.

What personal information about the audience might influence their position or feelings on the issue or idea?

Seeing the comparisons and contrasts of how I handled a situation and how my parents handled the same (or similar) situation.

7.  Turn off the timer.

8. Copy and paste your completed essay writing scaffold into the text box.

9. Revise your words and phrases into strong sentences.  Remember to use the Paragraph/Sentence Parts Checklist.  The more effort you put into this step, the easier (and faster) your rough draft will come together.  Check off items as you go along. 

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