Purpose & Audience

level IIi

This page updated:  08/21/2019


Draft:  PEG Writing

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The Goal:  


You will use PEG Writing to turn your writing scaffold into a rough draft.   You will also apply the Sentences Checklist to your rough draft.  Finally, you will complete the revise & edit stages of the writing process.

What skill do you posess that has helped you be successful in life?  Why do you think others your age should consider learning this skill?  What benefit will it bring to them?


1.  Review how to use PEG Writing.​

how do I.png

2.  BE SURE your writing scaffold is complete.  Remember, the more time you spend on the writing scaffold the easier creating a rough draft will be, and the faster you will generate a final paragraph.

3.  Log into PEG Writing

  • Your user name will be your WTS login (firstnamelastinitialwts)

  • Your password will be your last name (lastname)

    • if your last name is less than 5 letters long, add "wts" to the end of it​

Example:  Sally Smartpants

Username:  sallyswts

Password:  smartpants

4.  Choose your class

5.  Go to "practice" to find your writing prompt.

6.  Choose "begin writing."  Your mind map and writing scaffold are the Prewriitng for this assignment. The Audience Analysis Inventory is also part of Prewriting.

7.  Turn off the timer.

8. Copy and paste your writing scaffold into the text box.

9. Save a copy of the following check list to use as you go through your writing scaffold.  Fix sentence parts and create a variety of sentence types in the scaffold.  The more effort you put into this step, the easier (and faster) your rough draft will come together.  Check off items as you go along.  

10.  Revise your words and phrases into strong sentences.  USE THE SENTENCES CHECKLIST TO HELP

YOU.  This will count as your rough draft.


11. Erase the scaffold framework so you have only your words in paragraph form.

12.  "Submit" your writing even though you still need to revise and edit.  By submitting, Mrs. G. can see your work and offer suggestions.  Always "submit" rather than "save and quit"; Mrs. G. can not see your writing if you "save and quit."