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Drafting in MI Write

Drafting In MI Write


The Goal:  

You will use MI Write to turn your writing scaffold into a rough draft. 

Remember our Essential Question (EQ)?  Take a moment and review it.   It should be in your graphic organizer and on your writing scaffold.


What topic sentence did you use?  Did you try to make one up on your own?  Does it answer the EQ?  It's OK if you used the topic sentence your instructor gave you.

What conclusion sentence did you use?  Does it restate the topic sentence using new words?  Did you locate keywords in the topic sentence and use them in the conclusion sentence so it sounds similar?

What do you think you will use for your Opening Hook?  Your Closing Hook?  Do your hooks grab the reader's attention at the beginning?  Does your hook at the end challenge the reader to think more about your topic?

What is MI Write?

MI Write uses the Six Traits of Writing to let you know what areas of writing you are strong in, and what areas you need work on.   


If you need to, please watch the video to review how to use MI Write. 


Then, please review the slideshow about the Six Traits of Writing. We will learn more about these traits in future lessons.

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1.  Before you log into MI Write, make sure your writing scaffold is complete.  Do you have ideas listed for your Opening and Closing Hooks?

  • If you do not have a complete scaffold, go back and finish it.  Otherwise, let's move on.

2.   Log into MI Write

  • Your user name and password will be given to you by your instructor.   Please ask if you don't have it yet.

3.  Choose your class

4.  Go to "practice" to find your writing prompt.  Then choose the prompt your instructor assigned.


5.  Choose "Begin Writing."  Remember why you do not choose the "Prewriting" button?  Your mind map and writing scaffold are the Prewriting for this assignment, so you can go straight to "Begin Writing."

6.  Turn off the timer.

7. Copy and paste your writing scaffold into the text box.  It will look funny, but don't worry, you will be able to fix that soon.  This will count as your rough draft.

8. Revise your words and phrases into strong sentences.   

9.  Erase the scaffold framework so you have only your words in paragraph form.

10. Use the "Submit" button, even though you still need to revise and edit. 

  • By submitting, your instructor can see your work and offer suggestions.  Always "submit" rather than "save and quit"; your instructor can not see your writing if you "save and quit."

Need to see it in action?   

To see copying and pasting your Writing Scaffold, watch this video.

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