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This page updated:  09/09/2019

The Roaring 20's:  End of WW I

Essential Question:  What is the political outcome of World War I?

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The Goal:   Now that the war is over, what is the outcome, who are the players, and why does the map look different than in 1914?


1.  You will complete the word list for this lesson.  This will be your study note document.  Use the word list link to the left  

2.  WATCH the videos.  Be ready to re-read as needed.

3.  Feel free to work together to create strong definitions.  Everyone needs their own copy to turn in.

4.  Submit a shareable link to your word list/definitions.  Use the "text reply" icon in the next assignment called Submit !920's: End of WW I Word List.

As you define vocabulary words, consider these CQs: 

As you define vocabulary words, consider these CQs: ​

  • Who did Great Britain partner with during WW I on the Middle Eastern fronts?

  • What were the results of the Arab Revolt in WW I?

  • What were the Arabs promised? 

  • What actually happened?

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