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Introduction to Fact & Opinion

level Ii

Fact & Opinion:  What is Evidence?

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We have learned that a claim (or counterclaim) is similar, but not the same as a personal opinion.  Personal opinions can be based on feelings, thoughts or beliefs.  But a claim is an opinion stated based on some fact.  Claims must be supported by evidence to persuade an audience it is strong. Strong claims are agreed with more than weak claims.

But what qualifies as evidence?  What makes evidence strong?  How do you know evidence when you see or read it?



  1. Make a copy of the printable document.  This contains a summary of what is in the videos.

  2. Use the printable to help you complete the next assignment called Practice:  What is evidence?

  3. Be sure you review the the defitions of each term in red on the printable.  Make sure the definition makes sense to you.

  4. Be ready to discuss this in class.  

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