This page updated:  10/22/2020

Parents:  Giving Feedback

Students:  Getting Feedback

The Goal:  


You will get feedback on your writing.  Feedback is essential. Remember this clip from the video on the Writing Process?





So, how DO you get feedback? And, parents, how do you GIVE feedback?


First, print off the printable and the document in Parent Resources, to the right.   These sheets will help both of you make the most

of feedback.

1.  Students, log into MI Write.

2.  Find the working draft of your writing. 

It should be the entry with the newest date.

3.  Then, share the EQ with your feedback

person.  Do you remember what it is?  


Getting Feedback

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4.  BE SURE your working draft is complete enough for someone else to read it.  

5. Ask a parent to give you constructive feedback on your writing.  Also, use the feedback given to you by your instructor to polish your work.  You should follow YOUR

feedback checklist while your parent follows theirs.

6. You are striving for an error-free version of the draft.

7.  Save/Submit your work regularly so you don't run the risk

of losing it and so you can see your revisions.   Remember,

don't be surprised at the number of revisions you do. 

That's what makes MI Write such a great app.  You can

improve your writing with many drafts, but it's easy to do!

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