The Goal:  

In this assignment, you will use your own thoughts and experiences to brainstorm a question.  The question you want to answer (called an essential question) is:

What advice would you give someone who is new to homeschooling?

(If YOU are new to homeschooling and this class, what advice would you like to hear?)

This topic is a good one to discuss with parents, family, and other homeschooled friends.


1.  First, discuss this statement: 


To help decrease the spread of COVID-19, many "bricks and mortar" schools will be teaching students virtually.  This means thousands of students will be at home during their learning time.   What struggles do you think they will have and what advice would you give?  (Or, if you are new to homeschooling, what struggles ARE you having?)

2.  As you discuss, keep our essential question in mind.


3.  Use the 5W's & H method to complete your mind map.    Answer the clarifying questions below, using your personal experience.  Your discussion will help you brainstorm answers to the essential question. Feel free to come up with your own 5W questions.

  • Besides kids, who else is affected by this change?

  • What will it be like studying?   What is it like not being in a classroom?

  • When will I get breaks?  Lunch?  When will school be done for the day?

  • Where will I do my schoolwork?  Where will I get help?  Where will I put my school things?

  • Why do we have to stay at home in the first place?  Why isn't this just as easy as going to "bricks and mortar" school?

  • How will I know what to do?  How will I learn using the computer?

4.  Now, create a mind map in Mind Mup 2.0.  Put the essential question in the center bubble of your mind map.  Then add your clarifying questions around it.  

5. ​  Off of each detail bubble, explain your advice.  Use examples from your own experience to help the reader understand the advice you are giving.  Remember, you want to put more on your mind map than you will use.  That way you can pick and choose the best.  

6.  Want to see it in action?  Watch this short video.







7.  When you are done, submit a shareable link to your mind map in the assignment box below.  Use

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