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This page updated:  006/28/2019

The Gilded Age 

Essential Question:  What were the major themes of the Gilded Age and how did they impact the rapidly growing US population?

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The Goal:

In this lesson you will review the characteristics of the Gilded Age,

Three major themes, and

How they impacted a rapidly growing population


  1. Use the document you saved from the last lesson to help you create Study Notes for this lesson. 

  2. Review the document BEFORE you watch the video(s). 

  3. Then, save a copy of a "starter" mind map or bulleted outline for this lesson to help you take notes.

  4. Use the video, the word list (top icon to your left), and the printables to create a study notes mind map or a bulleted outline. ​

  5. Watch the video(s).  There are questions in the video to help you complete your study notes. 

transcript (Google Doc)

6. Submit a shareable link to your summary notes mind map/bulleted outline.  Use the "text reply" icon.  [In the audio directions, I say the link is "below", but it's not.  It's in the next assignment called Submit Gilded Age Study Notes.]

7.  You will use your growing set of summary notes in upcoming assignments.

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