Set Up a Mind Map Online App

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The Goal:  


This assignment asks you to use the "How do I...?" icon to learn how to install a free online app to your Google Drive.  The app, called Mind Mup 2.0, will let you create mind maps for the prewriting stage of the writing process.    Ask a parent to help you, if you need it.


1.  Click on the How do I...? icon at the right to see our collection.  Search for "How Do I Set Up a Mind Map?"  This will give you simple instructions to follow. 


2.  However, if you are not familiar with Google Drive, please search the How Do I...? for instructions and guidance.  Get familiar with Google Drive first.

3.  When you have completed this assignment, please send your instructor a message in the assignment box below.  Use the "Your Answer" feature to them know how the installation went.  

4.  If you have any questions, contact your instructor for help.

Want to see it in action?  This video is updated 9/18/20

Watch this video to help you load the Chrome Web Store extension of Mind Mup.

This page updated:  08/10/2020


What is the Writing Process?

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