Cause & Effect (Essay #1)

level IIi

This page updated:  04/10/2020


Intro to Cause & Effect (Part I)

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We are going to look at a great persuasive essay format.  It is a format many people use becuase it allows you to show relationships between your claim, your evidence, and the result.  It's called Cause & Effect.  


We are going to write two cause/effect persuasive essays. The first essay will help you understand the basics of cause and effect, the second essay will allow you to try your hand at more complex cause/effect relationships. Be sure to print out the printables for this lesson.  You will need it while you watch the video.   First, the basics of cause and effect.

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Be sure you understand the basic differences between the three methods of answering the "So what?" essential question.  Use the time stamps in the printables to help you go back to each method and review.

You will practice indentifying the three methods and applying them to various topics.  Go to the next page to find the activity.