This page updated:  02/16/2020

Introduction to Fact & Opinion

level Ii

Fact & Opinion:  Learn the Lingo!

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You all continue to impress me with your writing, and this is a happy problem for me!  Why?  Because your skills growth challenges me to present more advanced writing formats than I planned!  I will never complain about this, however!

I would like to take you into the world of fact and opinion.  We use facts and opinions hundreds of times each day, and we often don't pause to test the quality of our opinions, or the facts we use!   So let's start doing that now.



1.  Make a copy of the printable document. 

2.  Watch the video(s) below.   

3.  As you watch the video, follow along on the printable and review the defitions of each term in red.  Make sure the definition makes sense to you.

4.  Don't worry if you are a little "fuzzy" on the terms.  We will practice these terms quite a bit in this unit and the next.

5.  When you are done with the video(s) and reviewing the printables, complete the assignment below.  [Actually, the assignment is next, not below.  Sorry!]

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