Paragraph Parts

This page updated:  10/22/2020

Welcome Paragraph Parts




To create great paragraphs, and ultimately great essays, you need to know how they are made up.  In this unit, we will learn about paragraph construction and how it translates to a the construction of a mini essay.

The Details:


Nearly everyone has played with Legos.  Using a simple 2 x 4 interlocking brick, you can create any structure you want.  Well, writing great sentences, paragraphs, and eventually essays, build on the same idea.  There are interlocking parts that, when put together, will help you create great writing.


1.  Watch this introductory video on the Hamburger Paragraph.  It's an easy way to remember paragraph (and eventually essay) parts. 

2.  Be sure to make a copy of the word list and printables.  You will use them for the next two pages of this lesson on paragraph parts.



Whether you are constructing a sentence, paragraph, or entire essay, there are parts that play special roles in the construction.   

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