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Compare & Contrast

Compare & Contrast: Point-by-Point


The Goal:  


Now that we are familiar with the basics of Compare & Contrast, we will move on to another way to compare and contrast:  the Point-by-Point method.



Compare & Contrast writing allows you to see a relationship between two or more things.  One way is called the "All-at-Once" method.  First you write everything you know about Item A, then compare/contrast that with everything you know about Item B. 


Another way to compare and contrast is "Point-by-Point".   This method accomplishes the same goal as the "all-at-Once" method, but it compares and contrasts each item according to categories that apply to both items. 


This makes the "Point-by-Point" method more interesting because it challenges both the reader and author to deepen their understanding.

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1.   Watch the video.

2.   As you think how the two methods compare and contrast, ask yourself these CQs (categories)

What do you need to know to use the All-at-Once method?   The Point-by-Point method?

Where will you put the supporting details in a paragraph that is All-at-Once?  What about a paragraph that is Point-by-Point?    

Which method seems more challenging to you?  Why?​


3.   Be ready to share in class the similarities and differences between the All-at-Once method and the Point-by-Point method.