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This page updated:  10/29/2021

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The Goal: 

Knowing how a paragraph is put together is the beginning of understanding how to write great paragraphs.  Each paragraph part has a specific role.  One of the best ways to think about paragraph parts is to imagine a hamburger.



What is the Hamburger model of Paragraph Parts?  The hamburger model helps you remember the parts of a paragraph for the beginning, middle, and end.

The Beginning:  Or, “The Top Bun with Sesame Seeds”


The top bun is the beginning of the paragraph.  The sesame seeds are the opening hook.  A hook catches the reader's attention in a quick, interesting way.   

The bun itself is the topic sentence.   It is found at the top of the paragraph and introduces the main idea.  It also tells the reader how the topic will be explored. A topic sentence is specific.  

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The Middle:  "The meat and fixings"

The supporting details are the next part of the hamburger paragraph model.  It is found in the middle of the paragraph and gives details and examples that help explain the topic sentence further.   Supporting detail should "show" not "tell", and they can be examples, explanations, or anecdotes.    Transition words are also in the middle to help the reader move from one idea to another within a paragraph.

The End:  “The Bottom Bun”  

A conclusion sentence is the last part of the hamburger paragraph model.  It restates the topic sentence, but uses different words, keywords, and it might change the topic sentence order.  It is OK to use the same keywords in both the topic and conclusion sentences. 



1.  Please make a copy of the printable document in the upper right corner of the lesson.


2.  Next, watch the video below.

3.  Use the printable to follow along.

4.  Be ready to discuss the hamburger paragraph with your parent and your writing coach.

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