Paragraph Parts

This page updated:  10/29/2021

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Paragraph Parts, 2 of 2



Each part of the hamburger paragraph has a very special role to play.   Now, you might be familiar with them, but there is much more to know.  



1.  Please make a copy of the printable document in the upper right of this lesson.  Use it as a review AFTER you watch the videos.   

2.  Below are four videos for parts of the Hamburger model of a paragraph. 

3.  There are diagrams from the printable document above each video.  These will help you visualize the paragraph part as the narrator explains. 

4.  You may know a bit about each part of a paragraph, but watch the videos closely, as there is new information for each.

5.  There are questions and comments within each video.  When the video pauses, please discuss ideas with your parents or writing coach.

6.  Be sure you can describe each of the four parts presented here to a parent or your writing coach.

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Topic Sentences

Supporting Details & Transition Words

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Conclusion Sentences

L1 paragraph parts topic conclusion example.png